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Update: Currently I’m involved with work obligations away from home and will not be offering any guitar sales at the present time. Phone calls and emails to answer any guitar related questions are always welcomed. In the meantime, please feel free to view past inventory and see what properly & professionally set up vintage guitars with no issues suitable for the accomplished player look and sound like. Be sure to click the YouTube links for each guitar to watch and listen to the talented demonstration players pick various styles on my past collection…

Also check out my Customers section and read what they say about their experience dealing with Vintage Licks Guitars….

Some of our past offerings….

1936 Gibson – Kalamazoo KG14

I know I know there hasn’t been a KG14 on my site for awhile now, but what can I say, – Read more »

1957 C. F. Martin 000-21 – Adirondack top

This is a 1957 C. F. Martin 000-21 Model Flat Top Acoustic Guitar made in Nazareth, PA, natural finish, tight – Read more »

1944 Gibson J-45 Banner

I am pleased to offer another completely original Banner Gibson guitar from World War II. The publicity and interest in – Read more »

Vintage 1964 Epiphone FT-79N “Texan” made by Gibson

Aaah, the Epiphone FT-79N Texan model flat top acoustic guitar, made in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1964. Serial number 229409, what – Read more »

1934 Gibson L00

Early model small sun burst L-00  … this IS another one of my holy grail guitars, what I always try – Read more »

ca 1934-35 DOBRO M14 “Leader” Fiddle Edge

It’s well established that metal body DOBRO resonator guitars were made at the National Guitar Company plant in Los Angeles, – Read more »