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1934 Gibson L00

Early model small sun burst L-00  … this IS another one of my holy grail guitars, what I always try to find for myself and to share with you players out there. This example HAS that fine voice! Lively to play and a dream to hear. Like most of these we find, it has that crystal-clear sound with a thunderous low end, dry ringing sustain all the way up the fretboard with bright mid range without a hint of shrillness or metal in the sound and ideal for single-note finger picking leads.

This guitar has that explosive tone pickers crave and that openness of tone is remarkable! This one has the very comfy soft V neck. Like many of these early examples we’ve found,  this one has the most precise radius to the extra thin seemingly seamless red spruce top with the solid non kerfed steam bent lining and the knife sharp scalloped braces.  It’s just so damned light! My experience is these always sound the very best!

This L00 came to me from a professional guitarist where it had been hiding for many years in his closet. Has a FON inked stamped on the neck block of 918, dating this guitar to 1934 according to Spann’s guide. Additionally, ink stamped inside the sound hole is the original point of sale “Larson’s Music Shop 103 North Maple Street Lancaster Ohio”…. very cool indeed since the guitar was originally found  just to the south in Kentucky.

Correct tuners and buttons, bridge and the bridge plate are un-molested. All  my luthier Ross Teigen needed to do was a neck reset, repair a small hairline on the top of the lower bout and do a very light buffing to make her sparkle. The professional set up is stunning … suitable for even the most accomplished players. The nut width is 1 3/4″ with action set at a comfortable 4-3  with proper string break across the new bone saddle with perfect intonation.

A terrific sounding vintage L00 from the best period of manufacture, hands down.

Truly a guitar for the serious player or professional musician.

Enjoy the YouTube videos.

  • Year: 1934
  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Model: L-00
  • Case: Taylor factory manufactured, road worthy proper fitting hard case.
  • Color: Small Sun burst
  • Condition: Virginal