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Some of our currently available offerings….

Recording King Regal Jumbo 08

circa 1940 Recording King Jumbo by Regal

Back in the 1940′s, folks who didn’t live close to a music shop could mail order a guitar from the – Read more »


2012 Custom Built L00

This has been a personal guitar of mine and was also loaned out to our friend and demo player Bob – Read more »


1973 Guild® F-20 Shade Top

Also known as the Troubadour, this guitar has that signature small bodied vintage Guild® tone. Bright, warm and resonant. Sounds – Read more »


1930 Gibson Kel Kroydon

I am so pleased to share our latest offering …. the magical and even mystical  Kel Kroydon BK1. This is – Read more »

Gibson Banner J-45 1944 10

1944 Gibson J-45 Banner

I am pleased to offer another completely original Banner Gibson guitar from World War II. The publicity and interest in – Read more »

1936 Dobro M16 03

ca 1935 Dobro M16 Fiddle Edge

It’s well established that metal body DOBRO resonators were made by DOBRO in Los Angeles California and Regal in Chicago – Read more »