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National DOBRO No. 32/35 (?) Round neck Fiddle Edge 1935-39

It’s well established that metal body DOBRO resonators were made by National Guitar Company in the DOBRO plant, Los Angeles California and the Regal factory in Chicago Illinois only between 1935 and ~1941, that’s it and they were all fiddle edge.

This example conforms to a typical No. 32/35 in that it has the sheet metal body with the “window” sound holes.

The construction of the DOBRO metal body was quite different than National guitars. DOBRO tops and backs were fastened to the sides with a unique rolled method that required no soldering. The resulting lip around the edges gave rise to the name “Violin Edge” or “Fiddle Edge” as it was known around the factory. This construction method was only used from 1935 to ~1941. All later model metal Dobro’s which were in production by Gibson from the 1970s to the present are easily identifiable because they lack this fiddle edge.

These metal body resonator guitars were originally designed to accept either a typical DOBRO spider bridge and cone or a National single O biscuit bridge and cone. This example has been fit with a Nation single O biscuit bridge and cone and sounds crazy good. The projection is crisp and clear with nice volume. This haunting sound is what both blues and country slide players seek.

Plenty of cool Mojo on this slide man’s axe!
Some evidence of good quality old repairs but nothing to worry over, this is a solid player, the neck is nice and straight because these are strengthened with 2 piece laminated solid wood necks.
Well set up for a pro with action at ~ 4/3 with nice functioning replica tuners and a useful strap pin for stage play.

This guitar belonged to an old Arizona blues picker when found by a lifelong friend of mine in Scottsdale Arizona, who has it consigned with me.

Priced at a bargain!
Email me for my pals phone # and email address. He’s motivated to sell and will make you happy with a good deal with pro packing and shipping to you.

Year: ca 1935-1940
Manufacturer: National / DOBRO Guitar Company
Model: No. 32/35 (?) Dobro Guitar
Case: negotiable
Color: Grey Metal
Condition: Solid well set up with cool Mojo