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1961 Brown Fender Super Amp

Vintage 1961 Fender Brown Super Amp. This amp features a largely original exterior in good condition and great vintage tone.

-Circuit: Super 6G4A
-Serial #: 02984
-Manufacture Date: March of 1961
-Controls: Normal: Bass, Treb, Vol | Vibrato: Bass, Treb, Vol, Speed, Intensity – Presence
-Power: Up to 55 watts into 2 10-inch speakers
-Dimensions: 24″x18″x10.5″
-Weight: 47 lbs

-Original Tolex (see photos)
-Original handle
-Original back panel

-Replacement Speakers: Jensen C10Q
-Transformers: replacement 022798 power, replacement 022848 output, original 125C1A Choke
-Mostly Original Capacitors (a few electrolytic and one film cap replaced)
-Original Power Cord
-Replacement foot switch

The power and output transformers appear to have been replaced in the 70’s with the genuine Fender replacements for that time period. A few caps have been replaced, however all but one of the original Astron mustard caps are still present. The speakers were replaced with what look to be modern Jensen C10Qs. All pots were cleaned, and solder joints were retouched. The amp is ready to play.

As you would expect from a Brown this amp has way more clean headroom than a Tweed Super. The sound is more akin to a Blackface, but the Brown’s unique tone stack allows for much more drastic control of the low end. The amp stays clean through half way up the volume knob. This turns into the classic fender grind with the volume dimed. The 6G4-A also features the best-sounding tremolo Fender ever designed. Three 12AX7s are used to drive the oscillator! This one is a great buy for players and collectors alike.