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1945 Martin 000-18

1945 C. F. Martin 000-18 Model Flat Top Acoustic Guitar made in Nazareth, PA, serial # 90787, natural finish, mahogany back and sides, spruce top; mahogany neck with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Tapered braces.

I’m commonly known for my small bodied depression era Gibson’s but I totally get the appeal of the war era Martins. I’ve been fortunate to have had and played some good ones and this guitar is very special indeed, easily one of my finest offerings to date.

Single family owned, played and Loved. Everything is all there and all original with absolutely no refinish or over spray or any funny business what so ever. Even the original wartime Kluson bushing-less tuners with the original plastic buttons appear to never have been off this guitar! Has a few character scratches and some minor pick wear, but no gouges and is Totally Crack Free!
The rare ribbon mahogany back is absolutely stunning.

Clean original and unmolested bridge plate and never the need for any structural repairs either, other than our replacement of the original 1945 soft brass frets with proper Martin nickel silver (originals in the case) a new bone nut replacing the original ebony (also in the case) plus a new bone saddle. All acceptable maintenance comparable to new tires and fan belts on a vintage automobile and resulted in measurable and quite favorable improvement upon it’s already fabulous sound characteristics.

Impeccable work performed by David Hatchard of Exeter New Hampshire which included a neck set and a professional set up.

According to George Gruhn during his in hand inspection, the top is Adirondack spruce.

S/N 90787 places this guitar approx mid 1945. Quite a comfy neck with 1 11/16″ nut, non metallic ebony truss rod, action set at 3-2 with proper string break and perfect intonation.

But the sound you ask? 1945 is acknowledged as a great year for Martins and recently we compared this guitar with an exceptional sounding 1943 000-18 owned by a player collector friend. Whereas the ’43 had slightly more bass, this ’45 has more volume, yet very comparable focused rich tone and sweetness. This is one of those guitars you can actually feel the body shimmer when you play it.

Here is what Steve Swan wrote at the UMGF:  “To my hands and ears, the heavily tapered brace voicing found on the 1945 through mid-1947 Martins is a true bridge between the scalloped voiced wartime guitars and the straight braced instruments of the late 1940s. They are usually quite punchy and richer in the bass compared to the later guitars and have much more complex upper mid and treble tone compared to the wartime era scalloped voiced guitars. They are some of my favorite instruments for flat picking fiddle tunes or banging out bluegrass songs in a group. The 1945 era Martin instruments most often have even more of radically tapered profile than the 1946-47 guitars. Dreadnoughts and OOOs from the 1945 through mid-1947 era usually get my attention when they become available. One thing that I have noticed is that 1945 Martins seem to have far fewer pickguard cracks than many other years.”

Offered in a proper fitting CF Martin badged 000 case, not new but in very good condition.

Find out what it’s like to truly fall in love with a sensational guitar!

Many thanks to David Surette and Bob Halperin for the tasty Vintage Licks!!

  • Year: 1945
  • Manufacturer: Martin
  • Model: 000-18
  • Case: Martin badged hard
  • Color: Natural
  • Condition: Excellent