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1945 C.F. Martin & Co. 0-18T Tenor Guitar

We are pleased to feature another War-time flat top from C.F. Martin & Co., this example a Style 18 tenor guitar in crack-free and completely original condition. Tenor guitars continue to enjoy popularity as a flexible instrument with many options for tuning and playing styles.

Manufactured sometime during the spring of 1945, around the time of Germany’s surrender, this 0-18T features classic War-time construction details. Designed to save metal for the War effort this guitar sports the bushing-less tuners with plastic buttons. With Martin unable to source nickel silver fret wire, they used brass instead. This tenor guitar retains the original ebony nut and the brass frets, both  features particular to 1945 Martin builds and a reminder of a unique period in the history of C.F. Martin & Co. and the United States.

Luthier Ross Teigen of Naples, Florida performed routine maintenance work including re glue of some loose braces, dressing the original war time brass frets, and perform a comfortable set up. We currently have it strung with medium guitar strings tuned DGBE. We also recommend tenor tuning (CGDA) with John Pearse tenor strings and would be happy to ship it to you either way. Mandolin family players will prefer the CGDA tuning for the familiar intervals, while guitarists will find playing the top four strings of a guitar the most familiar. This truly is a thinking players guitar.

The original belly bridge is in fine shape and the guitar has no cracks. The top appears to be Adirondack spruce. The bracing and bridge plate are all original. This is an issue-free guitar, set up to play and sounds great. This example would be right at home in any collection.

Includes a new hardshell proper fitting tenor case.

Enjoy the videos!

  • Year: 1945
  • Manufacturer: C.F. Martin & Co.
  • Model: 0-18T
  • Case: Hard
  • Color: Natural
  • Condition: Delicious