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1944 Gibson J45 Banner (Maple Back & Sides)

1944 Gibson J45 with maple back and sides and the wartime banner headstock.

Oh my, what a powerful guitar!

Totally crack free and one of the finest sounding examples of a Maple back and sides Banner J45 currently available on the market. As historically noted, the sound characteristics of these guitars are punchy and loud and this example is no different. FON 2944. The stunning original condition will appeal to both collector and player alike.

The professional set up is at 3 1/3 and 2 1/3 with proper string break and perfect intonation. No evidence of a prior neck re set. We did however do a proper refret and installed a beautifully crafted old growth Brazilian rosewood replica bridge with an aged bone saddle.  Not a centimeter over sized and properly hide glued to the Adirondack top. The 1 3/4″ nut is original and a set of Willi Henkes authentic repro bridge pins from Germany were added. Exquisitely executed work performed by David Hatchard.

Original tuners and buttons, clean original bridge plate and braces. This one has the highly figured maple back, which is unusual and very rare as well. The finish on this guitar is all original.

Does not have the usual fat neck, but a comfortable shallow oval 3 piece with the wide maple center strip and a fully functional truss rod.

I recently loaned this guitar to John Thomas for singer – guitarist – roots music interpreter, Lauren Sheehan to play on her and Johns Banner Gibson Recording session of a CD   in support John’s book on the Banner years at Gibson during WWII, Kalamazoo Gals: the Story of the Extraordinary Women (and a Few Men) Who Built Gibson’s WWII “Banner” Guitars Read about the project in this Fretboard Journal article. More info about Lauren Sheehan music.

This guitar is sensational for the stage or studio and a pleasure to play. A true marquis guitar!!

Enjoy Bob and Danielle’s videos.

Year: 1944
Manufacturer: Gibson
Model: J45 Maple back and bides with the Banner Head Stock
Case:  Hard
Color: Shade Top
Condition: Magnificent