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1933 Gibson Kalamazoo KG11 (zipper)

Oh my look what’s up for grabs…

A first year production model KG11 Kalamazoo flat top, the first Kalamazoo flat top model made and the only year of the extremely  cool zipper sound hole binding (seen on later year Carson J. Robinson versions). THIS IS what we consider the holy grail KG11, the lightest built with the thinnest tops and knife sharp bracing and consequently best sounding of all years, hands down honest!

These early models  have the most precise radius to the seemingly seamless Adirondack spruce tops and this example could perhaps actually be a one piece top, we just can’t be certain…. this one has the solid non kerfed steam bent lining also seen on ’33-’34 L00s and that is special. Don’t you love the small burst on this guitar? We call this the Lloyd Loar sunburst.

Comfortable to play with great action and a headstock you could just stare at all day. Some honest pick rash on this one but nary a crack anywhere and totally original!

All this one needed was a professional neck set, fret dress with new bone saddle and a set up.  Work impeccably performed by Ross Teigen of Naples Florida.

1 3/4″ nut,  nice action set at a hair under 3-2 with proper string break and perfect intonation.

Acknowledged by both players and collectors as one of the very best finger picking blues guitars ever made…like us, you will wait a long time to come across a comparable example.

To our way of thinking, the KG-11 was one of the best ideas Gibson ever had. I have never heard a bad sounding one yet but these early examples are the best of the best!!

This guitar reaches out from the depression era and sez…play me!

Please watch the videos of  Danielle and Bob playing the zipper in my sold section, the sound characteristics are very consistent on these models .

  • Year: 1933
  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Model: Kalamazoo KG-11
  • Case: New Hard
  • Color: Small sun burst
  • Condition: Excellent